I equip education, special education and mental health professionals to serve their students and clients at the cutting edge of what's possible.



Are you itching to try something new but don't know where to start? Are you thinking about investing in a new assessment, intervention, or curriculum but want to know if it's been validated? I'll find out for you and help you develop a plan.


Grant writing

 Are you dreaming big? Would securing grant funding help you to better serve more people? I will help you identify funding opportunities and draft compelling letters of intent and grant applications, taking your practice to the next level. 



 Do you want to understand what's working and what isn't? Would objective evidence of your program’s success help enroll more students or clients? I will work with you to create and enact an evaluation plan that will push your business forward.


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Masha continues to prove herself an asset to our organization not only on an innovative and academic level but also in her ability to work collaboratively with professionals. Masha is highly analytical, which has led to the discovery of hidden needs as well as generating solutions. She has greatly helped me in my mission to educate professionals such as pediatricians, psychologists, neurologists, and psychiatrists.
— Cathy Johnson, M.A., C.C.C. SLP, SLT, Director of the Johnson Academy of Therapeutic Learning